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   We have so much to offer! Lay Claim is here to serve each other as a whole, the community and most importantly the nation. 

Mastermind Ministry

This Ministry will take you from milk to mystery. Prepare yourselves to go to another level in God that you never been before. God desires to take us to higher heights and deeper depths. Are you ready for a new experience in Christ? A deeper revelation?

Women's Ministry

We are women birthing a nation and birthing each of our individual ministries. Girded in righteousness, meekness and the Word of God, we come to reflect the ways of God and empower women to let the Word of God be their strong hold. We are here to support each other and to create a greater  union in our personal lives, but most of all spiritual lives.

Community Building Ministry

We are a 501c.3 commissioned church. Our next project will be our maternity home, where we will support displaced single mothers with children. Our goal is to provide them with the basic needs such as shelter food and water, to ensure that they are in a safe and healthy environment and to support in rebuilding their faith in God and life.

Children's MInistry

The greatest in the Kingdom are the little children. We are preparing our children at their tender ages, to walk in the ways of God, God will then shape mold and develop them into the vessels God intended them. We use simplistic yet fun ways to teach the 'kingdom kids' the books of the bibles, parables and principles that Jesus taught using symbols, and even fun catchy songs that will stick with them. We let our kingdom kids know that god loves them, He is their friend, and He is the run to run to when they have any issue, but to also thank him for everything because sometimes the things we call bad can work for our good.

Youth Ministry

We are the Judah Tribe. God is calling the youth in this generation to come up, come out and draw unto the Lord. The enemy in this day and age uses many tactics such as distract and destroy. We understand relations die, friends turn against you, maybe you feel like an outcast, or peer pressure makes life stressful, but in God we find everything we need. LCIM youth are developed to encourage and to minister to the youth in this generation, to help uphold a god standard in morals in values, and to reflect the love of God. Jeremiah 29:11 says God has a plan and purpose for your life and we are here to teach you to take a stand and stand firm in the Word of God and receive the many blessings in store.

Pastoral Support

Our Pastor's Aide Committee of Lay Claim International Ministries supports the Apostle Prophet in his many endeavors. We coordinate several events throughout the year such as birthday and Pastor's Appreciation and raise money to support the God given vision. We give honor to God for his gift to us and make sure each event is a symbol of appreciation to God. We only give the best because God gives good gifts.