Come Partner With us and Receive Your Prophetic Word!!!!!

Through Apostle Samuel Jones, God has prophesied many things into people's lives. See, prophesy comes from God to edify, exalt and comfort us. So, when it comes to a prophetic word, you have to hear it, receive it, become one with it, and then watch it be revealed by your faith and through the words you speak. You have to stand on that word, be immovable and watch the Glory of God be revealed unto you. Well, the people on this specific page, did just that. Once they became one with their word and obeyed God with the seed they were instructed to sow,they birthed their Prophesy out of them through their womb if righteousness. Take a second to see what God has done at Lay Claim:

Sister Terri McKenzie


"Apostle Samuel Jones had prophesied to me numerous of times that I would be getting a new car. I was saying that I wanted a Cadillac but Apostle told me that God kept saying Chevrolet. God also said that I would have much favor when I went to the car lot. Me and my husband went to the car lot and we had much favor with the car. The salesman was a preacher and we had a wonderful time in the Lord while we were there. He told us that he would get the car that he chose for us cleaned up and have it ready the following day. Well, we had no idea what the car was going to be but we just stood on God's word. So, the next day when we arrived at the car lot, the man brought us a white Chevrolet Malibu. God also said that the car would be more than I expected and it surely was. I was saying that once I got the car I would get wood grain installed inside and it was already inside. When you hold on to the word of God prophesied to you through this great man of God Apostle Samuel Jones, it will surely manifest. God has truly blessed me.

Sister Ja'Naye Jackson


"Apostle Samuel Jones had prophesied the word of God to me saying that I was going to get a new car. I had already had a car but God was saying that I would be getting a new car from the lot. Well, I was in love with the car I already had but all of a sudden my car broke down. My car just would not start. So God told me to go to the car lot and I would have facor to leave with a car. I went to the lot and although many obstacles tried to pop up I stood on the word of God and it manifested. I got a new car that did not need any repairs. The key to our ministry is holding on to what God says to witness the manifestation and that is exactly what we do."

Rialton & Johnetta Dixon


"Rialton: I am in the military and I got injured a few years ago and I was told I would not get all the compensation I actually deserved. Apostle prophesied to me that God was telling him that I was going to receive some paperwork in the mail but at that time I was not actually aware of what the paperwork would consist of. Well, my wife, Johnetta, went to check our mailbox a few days later and there was paperwork saying that we were receiving 100% of compensation for my past injury. 

Johnetta: Shortly after that, I needed to get some diapers for our baby so I called the bank to see if I had enough money in the account to go and buy some diapers. When I called, the recording said to me that we had close to $30,000.00 that had been deposited into our account a few days prior to me checking."


"Every word that Apostle spoken to us has manifested. We stood on the words and believed God was going to move and he did."

Sister Chanel Enwelikwu


"Apostle Samuel Jones prophesied to me that I was going to get married. I had been planning on moving back to Dallas because I did not feel like anything was happening for me in Shreveport. Apostle spoke to me and said that God said my blessings were here if I could be patient and wait on God. Shortly after that, I met my current husband Evans Enwelikwu. I waited on God like he said and his word was manifested in my life and I am happy to say that I am a wife now like God said I would be."

Sister Johnetta Dixon


"I received a word from God through the Apostle that I would get a new car soon and it was going to come in a strange way. I received the word, sowed the seed asked of me and waited patiently on God.  Well, a little while after that, me and my friend were driving in my truck when all of a sudden the tire blew out and we were in a bad accident. The truck was totaled but neither one of us had a scar from the accident. The following week I got my new Dodge Durango. I truly thank God for his word and his Love for his children."

Brother Rialton Dixon


"I am in the military and I got injured a few years ago. They were telling me that it would take about 5 years before I was approved for disability and if I got approved it would be for 10%.  I got a word from God through the Apostle that I was going to soon have some paperwork in the mail.  About a month later I got paperwork in the mail telling me I got approved for 100% of disability.  About two weeks later I was telling the Apostle that I wanted to get my own car but I did not have the money. The Apostle spoke into my life and told me that I would have the money and I would get the car like I wanted.  About two weeks later, God blessed me with my my money for disability and I got to get my Impala. I thank God for the the Prophet being in my life."

Shylonda Dixon


"I visited the Apostle with my daughter-in-law Johnetta Dixon, and I got a word from God that my health was about to get better and things were about to turn around in my life. God instructed the Apostle to give me an anointed prayer cloth and I took it. Well, at that time I had just found out that I had cancer. So, I took my prayer cloth with me to every doctors appointment. So, I went in for surgery and they removed the big tumor that I had and they said that on my next appointment I would begin chemo for the cancer that I still possessed. I went in for the chemo and I had to get another X-ray first. The doctor came back and told me, "Ms. Dixon, I do not know what happened but we cannot find cancer anywhere on any of your X-rays. We compared them to your old ones and there is no cancer to be found." God is truly good and I thank him for his healing power.

Co-Pastor Angelia Jones


"It was prophesied to me from the Lord that I would begin to receive checks in the mail. So I sowed my seed and two weeks later I went to check my mailbox and there was two checks in the mailbox. So I immediately got into my car to drive to the bank and just as I was pulling out of the driveway, a FedEx truck drove up and handed me a third check. This is the reason why when you get a prophetic word for your life, you have to become one with it and see the Glory of God revealed."


Sister Pamela Burries


"It was prophesied to me that the Lord said if my husband and I would believe God for a 3 bedroom brick home then we would be blessed with it in that year. We believed the word spoken through the Prophet and began to move in faith, sowed the seed that was asked of us, and 6 months later we moved in our 3 bedroom brick home. In that same prophesy, the Lord said that we would own our home in 2 in a half years. Well, now 2 years later, our house has been willed to us and we are the new proud owners."


Brother Andrew Burries


"It was prophesied to me through the Lord that if I believed him for a new truck that it would be mines. So I moved in faith and sowed the seed that I was asked of and right today I own a Dodge Ram Truck.  It was also prophesied to me that I woud become the assistant manager at my job and shortly after that I would be the manager. Well because of my faith and the sowing of my seed, I am now the manager at my place of employment."

Sister Ja'Naye Jackson


"When I moved to Shreveport and was looking for a job, the Lord prophesied through the Man of God that I would work at the place I desired. Well, my desire was to work at a lawfirm. So after I got the word, I moved in faith and sowed the seed that was asked of me, and a week later, my aunt's neighbor came and asked me did I want to go to her job and meet her boss, who was an Attorney. I went and the Attorney offered me an internship for a few months to see how I would do. Well, after a few weeks she asked me if I wanted a payed position. Through my faith, God blessed me with a payed position months before she stated it would be. I thank God for his word and his desire to bless his children. God Bless."

Sister Andrenique Robinson


"I had been seeking a job for 2 months and it didn't seem as if I would get one anytime soon. So, God gave the man of God a phophetic word for me to tell me that my job was at the daycare right across the street from my house which was amazing because I looked everywhere but there. So I moved by faith, sowed the seed asked of me, and went over to the daycare and they told me that I was exactly what they were looking for. In the midst of waiting for the paperwork to get done, God tested my faith and patience and in the end, I was hired on July 20, 2012. I thank God for his love and spirit that quickens us. God Bless."