Partnership in the Kingdom of God

Here at Lay Claim, we are a 501C3 organization so all donations are tax deductible. So come and partner with us!!!!


We are askng you to become a weekly and/or monthly partner to help us begin to build our Prophetic Miracle Center.  This center will be a place where people can come at any and all times just to get on their face before God in prayer, and while they're praying the Judah Tribe will be singing sweet songs of Worship unto God. A place where instantaneous Praise will hit every person that walks in the door because the Glory of God will have consumed them in that second. A place where continuos miracles will take place instantaneously. A place where the Glory of God will take control over any sickness that has its hand on Gods people just as soon as they come in contact with the Glorious atmosphere because any and everything has to bow down to the name of the Lord. A place where the Glory of God will consume Everything that is in it. A place of bowing down at all time because of how great our Creator is.


With that being said, we're asking you to sow a $100.00, $500.00, $1,000.00, $5,000 and up, seed towards our 2.3 Million Dollar vision. O how blessed God's people are when they are help the Kingdom of God progress. 


After you have made your donation, we will send you a Tax Deductible Form from Lay Claim International Ministries, and we will also put your name and donation amount on our Partner Wall in the new facility as a lifetime partner.


So if your willing to donate towards our cause, click on the donation button below, scroll down, click continue and enter your information.

In return we will send you an Anointed Bottle of the Prophet's Oil, an Anointed Handkerchief and you can call the Prophet (Samuel Jones) and he will pray for your ministry, family and business.