Healing & Prophetic Ministries


Wednesday Night Bible Class - 7:30p.m.


Noon Prayer - Every Thursday


Sunday School (Adults and Children)- 9:30a.m - 10:30


Sunday Morning Worship - 11:00a.m.


There is nothing too hard or impossible for God to do..... He opens doors that no man/woman can close and he makes ways out of no way...God is truly the One to run to when you have nowhere else to turn. He is the One to turn to even when you think you have people that care because at the end of the day, there is always a possibility of being hurt and deceived by a person, but God is He who never hurts us. God's love is unexplainable and eternal. He loves us to the Max and beyond that point. So stop trying to figure out who do you have to love you, or who can you talk to and cry your eyes out to, or who will provide for you because God says it's him and nobody else. You may have someone in your life temporarily fulfilling some of your needs, but God says I am everything you need and more, and in Him is everything you need and more from love, to comfort, to companionship, to food, to clothes, to shoes, to cars to money, and whatever else it is you ...desire. Unlike man, Gods relationship with you is eternal and his well never runs dry. Lean to God and prepare to never be without. Love God because he is God not because of what he can do. Love him because he first loved you. Love him because he sent his only son as ransom to get you out of the devil's hands. Love him because without him you would have never been here. Love God because his 1st commandment is that you do exactly that. Love God because when you decide to surrender and give your life to him, he forgives you for all of your sins and never brings them up again. Love God because that could have been you down at the morgue but God. Love God because that could have been you homeless on the streets but God. Love God because that could have been you in a house with no lights and water and food, but God. Love God because he is Love!!!!!!